Flea control product

Updated Vaccinations (DIstemper, Rabies, and Bordatella), and annual deworming.

A 15-30 minute evaluation, by appointment, of dog’s temperament with other dogs (after telephone interview)*

All pets must be altered (spayed/neutered) at the appropriate age as deemed by your vet, but at no later than one year old

Playcare Prepaid Pricing

Full Day: 6 Hrs or More

Half Day: 6 Hrs or Less

5 full or 10 halves…..$98.00

10 full or 20 halves…..$183.00

20 full or 40 halves…..$295.00


We provide two different playcare areas for a variety of sized dogs. Our “large” dog playcare has a Tough Tex cushioned floor, play ramps, nylabones and an outside potty area. Our “small” dog playcare has a variety of toys, day beds, and is air-conditioned or heated.  All dogs come in, play, and leave happy! With over 25 years of playcare coordinating experience, our employees provide a safe, active and fun experience for all our canine friends.

Play Care

Eligibility Requirements